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With Savant Systems Home Automation you will look forward to spending even more time at home. Savant is the leader in smart home and home entertainment technology since their launch over 15 years ago in 2005. Their success is based on providing inventive, easy to use products that are also future-friendly, These core principles with unmatched client support assures your satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.  We have over 7 years experience designing and programming Savant home systems so you can be confident your home will be efficient and easy to control. We also understand all of this can be overwhelming so we put together some great information below but welcome your email and phone calls for a more tailored answer. Learn about all of our home automation Systems Here.


Did You Know?

Over a Third of Living Rooms Have Four or More Remotes. 

JNS Audio Video will not

let you be a statistic.


Home Automation simply means automating your home to make simple tasks more convenient. Below are some of the most popular home automation solutions but  almost anything is possible. Our teams are comprised technologists that have deployed non traditional solutions to assist clients with special needs and elder care. Home technology is evolving quickly so we continuously attend training's, seminars while do our own research and trials to make sure we are delivering the best product with the best experience


  • SMART LIGHTING: The ability to control lighting across multiple devices (cell phone - keypad - iPad etc.). Automated lighting schedules and scenes can also be implemented to save time, energy and money.

  • SMART SHADES: Your shades can control light in a room, remove glare, compliment your thermostat by trapping warm air inside during cooler months and cooler air during summer months, which lightens the load on your utilities. Motorized shades also protect your furniture and home decor from UV rays.

  • SMART THERMOSTAT: Having a heating and air conditioning system that is controlled with intelligence will also save you money. Smart thermostats allow you set a schedule according to time / day eliminating the need to keep adjusting it or having it run when nobody is home or sleeping.

  • SMART SMOKE DETECTOR: These extremely expansiveness devices will not only alert you audibly but will also turn on your smart lights, verbally tell you what room the issues is in and tell your security cameras to start recording. 

  • SECURITY CAMERAS: With the prices on hi-res cameras dropping we have noticed an increase of how they are used. With the current pandemic and kids spending more time home, parents have the ability to check in and see exactly whats going on.

  • VIDEO DOORBELL: With the upcoming holidays and everyone purchasing online a simple video doorbell will ward off any porch-pirates from stealing your packages, You always know immediately who is at your door or when the kids got home safe.


So now that you know what home automation is lets take a look at how your friends and neighbors are using it throughout the day. Scroll through the slide show below to see a little of what Savant Systems and National Smart Home can do for you





Pricing a smart home or home automation system as a one size fits all is impossible and everyone has different needs and expectations of a smart home system. We also need to consider the benefits of our investment as well, did you know modern smart homes are 30 percent cheaper to operate than conventional homes. Some insurance companies even offer discounts to homes using smart technology. Plus the value of all the time saving conveniences we experience with home automation.  Most clients choose to build there smart home over time since Savant is a scalable solution. The most popular starting point is a simple remote in the living room or family room. Clearing your coffee table of those 4 or 5 remotes and giving you one simple interface to control everything is priceless, especially when your parents are visiting. Some folks wont even attempt to watch TV because of how cumbersome it is to get it all going, but not with Savant! After you have added your "corner stone" controller, many add a smart thermostsat and some lighting to really start saving money.  With the money you saved you can then put it towards more smart home devices over time.  Check out Savant products in the store below and see which devices you would like to discuss with our team to begin your smart home living journey.


Touch 8

Savant user interfaces are designed with you in mind. 

The Savant Touch 8 inch control screen delivers dedicated and elegant control with stunning, high resolution graphics. Control services throughout a home or facility, including audio, video, climate, security, pool/spa and much more. Activate scenes, view security cameras, or simply crank up the tunes, a Savant touch screen is perfect for high traffic areas where quick control is a must. 

This version of the Touch 8 includes a new higher powered processor for even greater responsiveness with large systems.


Intelligent automation in tandem with climate control, the Savant Multistat lets you orchestrate all the comforts of home at a touch.  Multistat’s stylish, high-res touchscreen displays temperature inside and out, your local weather forecast and even Savant Scenes. With Multistat, whole home control is at hand. Imagine calling up a custom Savant “Relax” Scene that dims the lights, lowers the shades, cues your playlist and lights your gas fireplace. Create single set points for room temperature based on time of day, day of week or day of the year, scheduling climate control routines to suit your life across the seasons.



The Savant Metro keypad is available in a variety of button arrangements and can be placed anywhere you want quick access to lights or music (or anything at all) within your smart home. You may even customize buttons yourself through the Pro App.

Video Tiling

Watch up to nine sources on a single screen with this seamless video tiling solution. Get news from multiple sources, follow simultaneous sporting events, or monitor your home via multiple video signals.


Lighting Fixtures

Savant and USAI bring you luxury lighting fixtures paired with advanced, intuitive control to transform the way you live. Our down lights are designed to integrate seamlessly with your home’s architecture and available in options to suit your style. We also have stylish pendants for open ceilings and accents, with design options for mounting configuration. If you are just looking for energy efficient bulbs perfect for retrofit, JNS AV of New Jersey can help.


The Savant IP Video design delivers fast performance with unlimited scale and features 4K/60 4:4:4 and HDR video distribution, PCM audio breakouts and integrated control.  Video comes in with pristine clarity with zero frame latency. The integrated video processor and scalar delivers unmatched, immersive viewing experience supporting the most popular video formats including 4K60 4:4:4 and HDR. The built-in video scaler will seamlessly downscale sources to legacy HD displays. The ultra-high performance architecture delivers a scalable software-defined matrix. Simply add receiver endpoints as required.


IP Audio 50

Experience the total audio package with the Savant IP Audio 50 (SIPA 50). Featuring built-in amplification, audio distribution, control ports, and a Savant Music streamer for complete audio immersion.


IP Audio 125

Get more power with the Savant IP Audio 125. Enjoy the same flexibility and features as the IP Audio 50, but with more audio oomph per channel.

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