Luxury begins with passion, a love for something so strong you want to recreate it in the most magnificent way and then share it with the world. Everyone who sees it, stares in envy but very few will be able to possess it. Whether it is a luxury home, automobile or home theater, luxury cannot be imitated. It is not a label. It is anointed with the spirit of the creator. In Home Theater, luxury and passion is synonymous with one person: Theo Kalomirakis.

"How often do you escape with your family? Everyone loves going to a movie theater, being completely immersed into a story, without distractions. JNS Audio Video brings that magic and keeps you safe at home."          ~RJ.


Home Theater Consulting Hamptons


Where should we put it?

How much will it cost? How long will it take to build? We will answer all these questions and any others you may have. It's always an exciting discussion when planning for the best room in your home.

Hamptons Home Theater Design


During the consultation we will discuss and discover which home theater design is best for your Long Island home. The design includes your preferred electronics, seating and overall look & feel of the entertainment Space.

Home Theater Builders Hamptons NY


After we have provided you with the final design and complete list of products we can begin building your dream theater. We know you will be impressed with our process, respecting your home and always keeping our work space tidy.

Hamptons NY Home Theater Company


After a short time from our initial home theater consult it will be time to pass you the remote control. We will walk you through everything you need to know from the first premiere to every enjoyable movie night after. Lights - Camera - Action! 


Here is an outline of the basic components that can be included in your Hamptons home theater. There are plenty of options and most clients begin their journey with only the 4 essentials mentioned above. You can then add or upgrade over time. We are always available to help you understand what your individual wants and needs are. 


Design: Everyone is unique and we all have our own idea of comfort and design. Make it relaxing and fun for the whole family.:

Entry Door: Looking to escape for a few hours and reset? Let it begin with a cool entry way or secret door.

Ceiling: Most home theater installation companies bypass a ceiling design or rely on the default starry sky. JNS likes to be a little more creative and complete the room with a ceiling as impressive as the room.

Walls - Acoustic Panels: The walls are wrapped in your design fabric but also play a crucial role in audio dynamics. We can help you understand the different options.

Carpeted Floor: Another element that effects surround sound is the floor. If you had a hard floor in a theater there would be a lot of echoing which would not sound good.

Seating: As we mentioned above your going to need very comfortable seating. We have plenty of options for home theater seating and wold even recommend a couch or love seat to cuddle up with loved ones during your escape.

Speakers: One of the essential elements originally mentioned is the speaker set-up. You can learn more about surround sound systems here and amazing Dolby Atmos systems.

Projector:  Just like your local movie house your going to need a projector, we would suggest 4k if your serious about a large quality picture.

Projection Screen: For something so simple there is actually a lot of engineering and need-to-know when choosing a proper projection screen for your application. JNS will help you understand, Size, aspect ratio, gain and other deciding factors.

Lighting: For the best experience you want it as dark as possible but you don't want it dangerously dark when the projector is off. We suggest hi-hats, a few sconces and track lighting on the floor. We will mention motorized shades here as well.

Control: There is a lot of components to this escape center and a simple universal remote is essential. the projector, receiver, video source, lighting and many other elements should be set for fast easy operation.

Rack: All of these components are best mounted and organized neatly in a dedicated rack. This will also keep them cool for the best life expectancy.



How much does a home theater cost for your Hamptons home? As we explained about home theater design, each one is just as unique in price. We do have 4 pre-designed packages that will give you an idea of whats possible at different price points. Below is a google sheet on a home theater starting price. You can download this google sheet and manipulate the sale price to fit each components budget. Feel free to take a minute to download it, input your budget and send it over to us and we will see what we can do. This home theater calculator is free, same as our home consult. We are here to help.  


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